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Bone Materials
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Kyungwon Medical is proud to introduce the revolutionary bone substitute, PolyBone.6 years research and experiment made the best solution for variety of surgeries. PolyBone is the revolutionary bone substitute that regenerates bone after implantation. Mechanism of PolyBone's bone regeneration works by bone cells resorbing bone regenerating palpation material polyphosphate. This mechanism will achieve the best results in variety of surgeries such as rhytidoplasty, spine surgery, orthopadic, etc. Excellent solubility of Calcium Phosphate and Polyphosphate mixture that is 10 times faster than the other bone substitutes makes the mechanism possible.

Special Features

  • Excellent Solubility
    (10 times faster than the other bone substitute)
  • Excellent bone regeneration
    (Combination of Calcium Phosphate and Polyphosphate palpates bone regeneration)
  • Variety of usage
    (Can be used in variety of bone substitute needed surgeries)
  • Excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability
    (Addition of Polyphosphate into bone substitute powder makes bone cells)

Variety of Usage

Rhytidoplasty, Spine Surgery, Cranio Plasty, Orthopadic, Dental Surgery, Osteoporosis, Artificial Joints (Hip, Knee, Shoulder Joints), Plastic Surgery,where have bone defect site.

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